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Estate planning involves difficult conversations about how to handle end-of-life issues and the distribution of your assets after death. Special needs planning requires emotionally challenging looks at the needs of a disabled child. Immigration law is a complex practice area governed by ever-changing laws and quotas, that nonetheless will have a profound impact on you and your family. 

At Lexemy Law, LLC, we pride ourselves on caring for our clients with attention to detail and respect for the issues being dealt with. Our legal services are comprehensive and cover all facets of estate planning, special needs law, and immigration law. 

These areas require attentiveness to detail combined with a visionary understanding of the big picture. Lexemy Law, LLC has spent over 15 years cultivating both. 

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Special Needs Planning Law

It’s important to begin long-term planning for a special needs child as soon as possible. If the child is under the age of 18, you are likely the one handling their care. But what happens when they reach adulthood? Will they continue to live with you, or will other options be considered? Do you still need legal authority to handle your financial, legal, and medical affairs? That legal authority must be granted by a court when the child turns 18.

There’s also the matter of considering what happens after your passing. Who will be the people entrusted with the legal responsibility of continuing your caregiving work? Where will the financial means to care for your child and provide them with a reasonable quality of life come from? Good special needs planning incorporates everything from guardianship issues to examining whether a trust is the right long-term financing mechanism. 

Similarly, every child has the right to an education and having a special need or being diagnosed with a disability does not change that. Federal law calls for public schools to provide disabled children with an education that is “fair and appropriate.” The state of Oregon’s legal procedures invites the parents of disabled children to take an active role in shaping their child’s education. The parents who have a skilled legal advocate at their side can make sure all appropriate accommodations are made to get their child the fair and appropriate public education the law entitles them to. 

Estate Planning

An estate plan requires several different documents that address issues that might arise at the end of your life, along with planning for how your money and property will be distributed after your passing. Power of attorney — the legal authority to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf in the event of incapacitation — must be assessed. Advance directives can be used for end-of-life medical issues that might be reasonably anticipated.

Then, there is the matter of your legacy. In the absence of a will, the state of Oregon follows a rigid plan of inheritance that may or may not reflect what you would have wanted. After drafting a will, you can go one step further and create a trust. This can help your heirs avoid probate court and provides you with flexible ways of handing down an inheritance.

Whether it’s helping craft an education plan for a special needs child or unraveling a legal dispute between parties, Lexemy Law, LLC is skilled at the art of negotiation.

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Immigration Law

Making your dream of living or working in the United States become a reality is not only governed by complex federal law and, in certain cases, immigration quotas that change frequently, but it also comes with strict timelines to file, precise paperwork and documentation, and a host of other legal challenges. Navigating this system can be trying, particularly when you factor in the stress of uprooting your life in your home country.

Lexemy Law, LLC is ready to stand by your side through the duration of your case. We explain all of your legal options, are meticulous in filing important documents, and provide compassionate support to those going through the process. We are well versed in the law and can assist clients throughout the Portland area with family or employment-based immigration cases, green card matters, the naturalization and citizenship process, and the steps to legally seek asylum.

We are accessible, efficient, and client-focused in order to help immigrants achieve their American dream.


Legal conflicts are hard, and they can get very expensive. Going to court or even settling in arbitration can leave long-term damage on either a personal or professional relationship. Furthermore, neither party has any control of the outcome once their case lands before a judge or an arbitrator. Mediation offers a way out. The parties get help from a third party who is skilled and experienced at finding solutions to thorny legal difficulties. The parties retain the right to decide if they like the final settlement. By working together, the parties might be able to set the stage for a more productive relationship in the future.

Lexemy Law, LLC provides skill, compassion, and experience in all of the above legal areas. Call (503) 726-1079 or contact us online to set up an initial consultation.

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